Truck Registration

Truck Registration

Truck Registration

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Convoy Information

Meeting Points: Trucks will depart from both Western Departure Point 1 (Brown and Hurley Toowoomba) with Followmont Transports new yard on Rielly St Toowoomba (overflow only) & Eastern departure point (Brisbane) Mica Street Carole Park at 9.30am Sat 5th Oct 2024.

Destination: Gatton Showgrounds Eastern Drive Gatton

Truck registrations available here or scan the QR code below. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions prior to purchasing convoy entries.

  • All Qld road rules must be followed while taking part in the convoy. Lights on the Hill are not liable for any infringements that you may receive where you are the at fault party.
  • Taking part in the convoy event is at your own risk and Lights on the Hill Trucking Memorial Inc. is not liable for any injuries which may occur to yourself or your vehicle while taking part in the convoy.
  • You are aware that it is illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • No alcohol must be taken into the Gatton Showgrounds, and it is an offence to consume alcohol outside of the designated licensed area during 10am to midnight. Any alcohol found in your possession will be removed and destroyed.
  • Once the convoy procession has entered local and state Govt roads all vehicles MUST follow Qld Police Service (QPS) direction and allocated speed limits.
  • Members of the QLD Police Service and Lights on the Hill volunteers must be shown respect as they are volunteering their time to Lights on the Hill and are supporting the truck drivers of Australia by doing so.
  • No weaving between other vehicles and all respect for other road users must be followed.
  • Vehicles taking part in the convoy procession must continue to stay in the lane allocated by QPS.
  • All participants must hold a current driver’s license and vehicle registration, and their vehicle is to be roadworthy.
  • The authorised route must be followed, and no deviations made by convoy participants without prior consultation with Police.
  • All children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Entry includes 2 armbands as trucks have only 2 seatbelts. Extra armbands are at your cost and any extra passengers are taken at your own risk.
  • Any images taken of your vehicle or yourself on convoy day may be used in advertising, media, or promotional material for Lights on the Hill Trucking Memorial Incorporated.
  • When taking part in the convoy procession you must not stop along the convoy route to have any photographs taken unless purposely stopped by QPS.
  • To assist with spectator safety no company merchandise should be thrown from your vehicle along the convoy route.
  • No children to be sitting unrestrained on laps or standing at dash of truck/vehicle, and overloading of truck cabs is prohibited. Infringements may be supplied to any person who overloads their cab.


The committee would like to thank you for your continued contribution to keeping Australia moving and supporting Lights on the Hill, we look forward to you taking part in the 2024 Memorial Convoy and honouring your hard work, and the hard work of drivers who are no longer with us.